Caladium bicolor
light centre in green leaves, red veins


Distribution & Habitat:
Caladiums are native to tropical South America.

Caladiums like a warm and moist situation with a minimum summer temperature of around 20˚C. and a minimum winter temperature of above 10˚C. They are dormant in winter and their foliage will dry off completely. They should not be watered during their dormant period.

Caladiums are tuberous plants and are grown for their beautiful foliage. The heart-shaped leaves may vary in size from 15 cm to 60 cm in length and the colors from green and white, green and red, white with red blotches or green veins and some have lavender spots.

Climate Zones:
Caladiums grow best in tropical, subtropical and temperate gardens in a sheltered position or in pots on patios or glasshouses.

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